Environmental focus in the industry

Sustainability and environmental awareness are spreading around the globe: Maskinpakking and its customers are no exception. There is a strong focus on eliminating unnecessary packaging nowadays, so Maskinpakking aims to meet this demand by optimising filling degree in our packages and avoiding the use of unnecessary packaging. We are using less and less packing materials now, and our packs contain less air. We are also working hard to find the most eco-friendly packaging materials that adequately protect our products.

As a food producer, the authorities and our customers are constantly demanding more and better sustainable production. We work continuously to minimise emissions and waste, and to become more energy efficient. Our state-of-the-art factory is designed and built to achieve these goals.

We offer UTZ raw materials, organic and Fairtrade certified foodstuffs, and we work according to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our new factory is Energy Class A. We recover energy using heat from compressors to heat our buildings. If we need extra heat, we use geothermal energy. The air in the production facilities is exchanged five times per hour, and to recover heat.