We started designing the new factory in 2016. We had the pleasure of moving into the new factory in November of 2018. The factory is centrally located in Southeastern Norway near the E134 highway (the Oslofjord interchange) and near Oslo and Drammen, which makes for convenient logistics and transport.

Food safety was the keyword for designing our new factory.

Energy consumption was optimized using the most modern technology available.

  • The new plant improved in-house logistics by 60% compared to the previous location.
  • We have warehouses for raw materials, for packaging and for finished goods, as well as cold and cool storage units.
  • Minimal handling of products optimises logistics in the filling zone.
  • It is designed for a very thorough allergen wash. All our filling and production rooms are completely isolated from one another, to avoid cross-contamination.
  • We recycle energy using the most modern technologies. The factory building is Energy Class A and has optimal energy recovery.

 This means we can claim to be the most effective co-manufacturing partner with the most modern production equipment available, and a new factory.