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Data Controller

The managing director at Maskinpakking, Per-Anders Berge, fulfils the role of Data Controller for processing personal data submitted to the company. The Privacy Policy provides you with the information you are entitled to when data is collected by our website (see Section 19 of the Personal Data Act) and provides generalised information on how we process such data (Section 18(1) of the Personal Data Act).

Purpose of processing
Using the contact form on our website to send personal data is voluntary. This information is used solely to respond to your enquiries unless otherwise agreed at a later time. Users of this website consent to the collection and processing of data in the form of cookies/information capsules, unless otherwise specified.

What are the legal grounds for processing your data?
Data is collected so we can contact consumers and respond to their enquiries or send relevant information, and to provide service as far as possible.

Which personal data is processed?
Personal data is collected when a customer contacts us, or to respond to enquiries from the authorities. We only collect contact information such as your name and e-mail address, which can be used to respond to your enquiry.

The website contains a contact form or a registration page.
This website uses a contact form to collect data.
Information is collected using forms that are found on our websites. Providing such information is voluntary. If you choose not to provide personal information, we may be prevented from granting you access to a product or service.

Where is data taken from?
This website collects personal data that you offer voluntarily via the forms on the website, and via information capsules/cookies in the website.
Information capsules (cookies) are small text files that are placed on your computer when you download a webpage.
Storage and processing of data are not permitted unless the data subject has been informed and has consented to processing.

Section 2-7b of the Norwegian Electronic Communications Act):

Retaining information in the data subject’s communication equipment, or gaining access to this, is not permitted unless the data subject is informed on which data is processed, the purpose of this processing and who will process the information and consents to this.


The following cookies are used on our website / see our Cookies Policy

Is the information disclosed to third parties?
Your personal data will not be shared with third parties, but Maskinpakking may use subcontractors to manage all or part of the website. Subcontractors may process personal data on behalf of Maskinpakking.

How is the data deleted and archived?
Data is retained to establish potential customer relationships. Other data will be deleted.

What are the data subject's rights and which country's laws apply?
You are entitled to see the personal data being collected and processed by Maskinpakking regarding your person, and you have the right to demand that the personal data be corrected or supplemented. You also have the right to demand to have your personal data deleted. Upon such a request, all your data will be deleted unless continued storage of said data is required by law or permitted as a result of Maskinpakking's legitimate interests. Maskinpakking can continue to store anonymised data, i.e. data that does not identify you personally. This is in accordance with Norwegian law.

Contact us using the contact information for the Data Controller provided below, if you wish to: receive information about which personal data the Data Controller processes about you; change, correct or update the data; demand that personal data be deleted; withdraw your consent to collection, processing, use or disclosure of your personal data to third parties; receive information about your right to data portability, i.e. your right to receive, re-use or transfer the personal data you provided to Maskinpakking. You can contact the Norwegian Data Protection Authority if you believe the manner in which Maskinpakking processes data violates data protection legislation.

How is the data protected?

We will contact the supplier of our web service, Dcode Websolutions, if we discover a security breach or improper processing. They have their own routines to address such issues.

Contact information:

Contact us: or 31297300