Distribution Units (DU)

DUs should be easy to open and expose the consumer unit packages (CUs) at the store. This should be done quickly without using a knife, and unused packaging should be easily sorted into the store's waste disposal system. The DU should allow the CUs to stand nicely on a shelf, even the CUs at the back of the DU.


Maskinpakking is well known for its innovative distribution unit packages (DU) and consumer-friendly solutions. We manufacture unique tray and lid solutions where the lid is easily removed, with optimal DPP. It is also possible to open them from the front only, allowing stacking DUs on top of each other. This enables you to sell products right off the pallet.

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  • Tray and lid

  • Tray without lid = display

  • A tray and a lid, with an open front to be displayed on the pallet

  • Display box

  • Display boxes without tear of tape

  • Display boxes without a lid, ready for display

  • Wrap around box

  • Wrap around box that function as a display box

  • A tray with shrink wrap