Quality is an essential part of our daily work.


We implemented quality improvement into daily operations as part of our business culture several years ago, so all our employees understand well the company procedures for ensuring food safety and the quality that Maskinpakking stands for.

Maskinpakking aims to be a market leader in quality and quality assurance in our industry.


We are audited annually by the largest branded goods companies in the Nordic countries. Our production lines are equipped with check weights,  metal detectors, magnets and sights. These precautions keep foreign matter out of the finished product.

Maskinpakking was the third company in Norway approved for the FSSC 22 000 food safety standard. Other certifications we hold: Debio, Fairtrade, UTZ, KRAV and Sedex.


Maskinpakkings Quality Policy

Maskinpakking aims to:

  • Deliver safe foods as our highest priority
  • We strive to deliver flawless products
  • Comply with regulatory requirements and customer demands
  • Focus on Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)
  • Work actively to maintain adequate knowledge, expertise and right attitudes


That will make us:

  • A preferred supplier that our customers can trust
  • Making us the first choice among our target clients