First product manufactured in new factory

Status December 1: we have moved three production lines to a new factory, two of them are in operation and the third line will be operational next week.

We have already produced the first pouches ready packed in the new factory on November 21 (see attached image). In the "old" factory, we still produce with three production lines. We are following the plan of moving production lines to mid-December.

Of course, this is a major job we are doing, and we have changed the new factory so that the end packaging machines have swapped space between our two big bag packaging machines, which makes it extra challenging.

All employees work full time and extra, in the form of overtime and weekend work, and look forward to coming together in a new factory. The new factory gives us much better internal logistics, production and office space, warehouses etc.


We believe that we have built "the most modern production plant in the Nordic countries".

So dear customers and potential customers, Maskinpakking is now ready for more assignments.